R·ex / Zeng

MUGer, hacker, developer, amateur UI designer, punster, Japanese learner.

Music Games

A music gamer with 10+ years experience;

Cytus / Cytus II, Arcaea, OSU!, Dynamix, VOEZ, Deemo;

An amateur OSU! mapper and can make simple maps.


A newbie in FE, BE and algo, a half Server Reboot Engineer;

Have security experiences in spelling sqlmap;

Pursue clean and elegant code, love to share, good at writing docs and bullshitting.

With Love

Got marriaged after a long time of long-distance relationship!

Here is #the_wonderful_daily_life_of_two_silly_guys;

I'd spend the rest of my life with you!

Daily Life

An amateur designer, a jokester, a Japanese learner, not a homebody;

Dante Must Cry, Touhou, Minecraft, Assassin's Creed, Noob For Speed, FPS;

Mysterious but useless passive skill: 95% chance to miss the elevator or subway.

We've been together for

3133 days